Industry Leading Teeth Whitening 

It´s the most advanced NON-Peroxide

Clinically Proven Teeth Whitenng 


both surface & internal staining

cleans & restores teeth

In JUST 20 Minurtes 

100% Safe 

Gentle & effective with NO Damage, 

Pain or Sensitivity 

Safe to use on 

Caps, Crown, Veneers, Bridges, Fillings & Composites

This is a 'DIY Teeth Whitening' treatment

All is explained at your appointment 

Home Teeth Whitenng Visit

Teeth Whitening in the comfort of your own home 

This is a service I offer for people

that can not get to Belper  

The Price for this service is  £150* 

Payment is taken by BACS or Card 

at the time of booking.

* NON Refundabe * 

Why DIY & Self Service ?

I like to help & advice my clients in any way that i can & give as many clear instructions as i can, soo tat you receive the best service & experience from me that you can, but yoiu would not want me brushing your teeth for you!

I have made sure you have ll the information you need to make your you get the best result from your teeth whitening session.

That said,  I am not a dentist, nor am I in the dentistry profession.

it would be illegal for me to give you advice,

so if you require information related to dentistry, 

Please contact your dentist.

I like to think and so do many of my clients that this is a

fabulous method to get a great whitening result.

You should NOT under take

Laser Teeth Whitening if:

You are pregnant or breast feeding

Suffer or have previously suffered from 

herpes or cold sores

Under the age of 18

Wearing braces

Anyone wh is currently suffering from gum disease, 

it is essential that if you have nay signs of gun disease you should see your dentist before attending your 

teeth whitening appointment.

Please Note:

Everyone reacts differently to the

self service teeth whitening product

and may not achieve the desired level of

shade lifts desired in 1 session.

Top up sessions may be required.

Home & Work Book a Party.

Get 6+ Friends or Work Colleagues plus yourself

( 7+ in total )

at your home or work place and

the organiser (You) is FREE

£99 each

The Party Organiser needs to pay a  

£50 NON Refundable deposit

per Party member at the time of booking

by Bank Transfer

then the remaining can be paid by

Cash or Card at the party.